Monday, March 05, 2012

Spring Break Season 2012

That rite of passage time is upon us once again. The time from which stories will be retold for years to come and that is caricatured in countless bad Hollywood B-movies. It's spring break time again!!!
But for a number of students involved in CCO ministries, spring break does not mean hitting the beaches and the booze. They have chosen instead to join a small group of peers to build a community seeking adventure with a purpose (as my friend Ryan Carlson likes to say). They will be heading out to the wilderness to be stretched. In taking a sabbath from classes, they seek deeper connections to each other and to God. All while discovering a new adventure activity that will take them outside their comfort zone. They understand that in leaving the comforts of campus and civilization, one has the opportunity to see life a little more clearly and  the things that really matter come a little more into focus. So please pray for them over the next two weeks and for their CCO instructors who are shepherding them through these potentially life-changing encounters. Pray for the CCO Experiential Designs trips: Westminster College in rock climbing Colorado, Juniata College canoeing in the Everglades, Geneva College and Waynesburg University sea kayaking in the Everglades, Ohio Wesleyan University backpacking in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and on Cumberland Island, Georgia and Georgia Gwinnet College canoeing in Northern Florida. Pray also for the many CCO/ Habitat for Humanity trips that will also be heading out for spring break all over the Southeast.

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