Friday, October 14, 2011


There is a church that goes by BCBC (Brice's Creek Bible Church) in New Bern, NC. It is a church made up of an incredible family of families who share a passion for missions both local and abroad. This relatively small group of folks generously support more missionaries than any other church I've known. We are invited back every other year to their missions conference to share what God is doing in our work.
We were so blessed to be cared for in person by the BCBC family last weekend as we shared about the work of the CCO. As we described our efforts to equip tomorrow's world leaders with the attitude of Christ, they affirmed the importance of college ministry in the kingdom. We spoke to the congregation during the Saturday night session and had a nice visit with the youth Sunday school class. We hope someday to see them again on one of our Summer Opportunities like Peru, Wyoming or Canada!

This is a map of where all our supporters are. I wish we could do our own mission conference where we would gather all of you who have been supporting us through your faithful financial gifts and prayers. We would love to share more of what is going on in our ministry and to hear what God is doing in your lives, family and work. Ia think this may be what Paul had in mind when he encouraged us to build each other up. Please feel free to send us your own updates and prayers. In the mean time please keep the following in your prayers.

- Thank God for a fantastic day with students at the Williamson Orientation. We facilitated 100 young men for a day of team building as they enter their freshmen year at the Williamson Free School of Trades.
- Fall break trips are around the corner. Students will be heading to the woods for backpacking, climbing, and character development.
- Christian Adventure Association conference. October 19-23, 2011. CCO is co-hosting the Eastern conference of this national association of Christian professionals and students studying camping and outdoor education.
- Summer Opportunities. The CCO's Experience Peru trip and the classic Leadership and Discipleship in the Wilderness expedition to Wyoming and the college transition experience, Crossings, are scheduled to happen summer 2012. Please pray that God would call enough students to make the trips a success.
- Supporters. The economy is taken its toll on our team. Please pray that God would raise new supporters to join our team. The end of the year is a key time for us to regain ground.
- Kayak-a-thon on November 5th. Our annual paddling fundraiser on Pittsburgh's Three Rivers.
- Joy's back. Her back issues took a turn for the worse after that long drive to NC and Annelise's growing weight. Thank God for a speedy recovery, a great chiropractor and please pray for continued strengthening.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support of our work with college students. We could not do this without you.