Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photos of some XD staff on Spring Break

Students are back on campus after spring break and photos of their trips are being posted all over the web. Here are couple from staff Joy and I supervise to start us off:

Jeremy Stoltzfus led two trips this spring break. On the first trip he was canoeing in the Florida Everglades with Juniata College. During that trip he apprenticed Lisa Hershey, CCO staff at Juniata. Lisa has been working with students at the Standing Stone Coffee House, a coffee house run by former CCO staff, Greg Anderson. Lisa is starting an outdoor discipleship program at the college and will be leading the CCO's 40-day expedition in the wilderness of Wyoming.
Jeremy's second trip was on Suwanee River in Georgia with students from Georgia Gwinnett College. Jeremy was invited to lead this trip by the outdoor program director who had been discipled by Jeremy when she was a student at Messiah College. Here are some photos to enjoy:
Jeremy is a XD program resource who will be leading several trips to Alaska this summer for friends of the CCO.

Jamie Zackavitch was hiking at Cumberland Island (also in Georgia) with students from Ohio Wesleyan University. Jamie was mentoring a student leader who is involved with the Outdoor Ministry Team at OWU. Here are the photos from her trip:
Jamie is the XD administrator. She keeps us running! She will also be heading to Wyoming this summer with Lisa to lead the CCO's Leadership and Discipleship in the Wilderness 40-day expedition.

As I was writing this, I started thinking about Genesis 5 and 11 and spiritual genealogies. Jeremy and Jamie are leaving legacies. They themselves where "begat" and through their work such as their leadership on the recent spring break trips, they will "begat" students who will themselves become witnesses. But I think that's the topic for another blog post... later...

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