Monday, March 08, 2010

On a personal note...

Francois and I recently found out we are expecting TWINS this October! We are both excited and overwhelmed at this new phase of life. So far, mom isn’t too sick, but needs a lot of rest.

LDW 2010

Does your life have distinct “ah-ha” moment? For me (Joy), it was LDW 1996 in Wyoming. I grew up in a Christian family, at a Christian camp, and attended Messiah College. But, I didn't realize I was living bad theology. I lived as tho’ I needed to earn love by being perfect and independent… until LDW. Living with people who didn’t stop loving me because I hurt them or needed some help from them woke me up. God softened my heart just enough so I could receive their grace. I learned from them that I didn’t need to earn God’s love either. Oh, what freedom!

That is a big reason I’m still involved in LDW. In January, Francois and I facilitated an overnight retreat at our home for the 8 instructors who will be leading this summer’s trips. As the applications are coming in, Francois is spending time coaching and helping the paddling team get ready (including a graduating senior who was on the trip in ‘07). I continue to supervise Kelly, the LDW Manager, whose job it is to recruit students, organize the logistics, and make sure the instructors are ready!

It’s time again for students to sign up for LDW 2010. Would you pray for full trips (35 students) so that many students can be transformed by the truth that God wants to teach them through this powerful experience and for the instructor teams as they continue to prepare for these 4 and 6-week wilderness expeditions? Please pray also for the 12 spring break trips going into the wilderness from Arkansas to Ecuador in the next few weeks. These trips can be pivotal experiences of faith development for college students.

Jubilee 2010

Bob Goff—one of the best Jubilee speakers Francois and I heard. Why? Well, for one his is FUNNY, which helps you pay attention. And he is radical! He lives in such a way as to not be limited by the world’s standards. He has eyes to see the evidence of Jesus everywhere and to join God’s work with the gifts he’s been given as a father, lawyer, and follower of Christ. He challenged students to develop an imagination that can see the fingerprints of Jesus in daily life. To listen to a similar talk, google Bob Goff Anderson College. We’ll give you the link from Jubilee when it’s published.

(photo © Andrew Rush)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

CCO gets great review


We heard that Pittsburgh is nice in February. So we spent a few days there for the Jubilee Conference hosted by the CCO, Coalition for Christian Outreach.

This organization understands the intrinsic value of work. It's not good enough to preach heaven if you create institutional hell. But these folks practice what they preach. Every year, they are voted one of the best Christian workplaces in the U.S.

But more than that, the CCO works to extend God's redemption into all workplaces. As a campus organization, they help college students think about how they will bring Christ into their professional lives. In their words, "Students formed by CCO ministry give unique Christian expression to whatever they do."

Maybe you've never heard of the CCO or their Jubilee event. You can learn a lot from their conference videos and their interviews with professionals living jubilee in their work.

Take a moment to watch some of their interviews and celebrate what God is doing through this wonderful organization.

Transformed LivesTransformed Lives
From the CCO

Browse through ten interviews with professionals who are serving God through their work—as homemakers, graphic designers, lawyers, doctors, and more.

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