Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Reforming Higher Education

The CCO has always been a campus ministry organization that seeks to be part of God's work on campus not just with students. The transformation of institution is one reason the CCO works in partnerships. Click here to find out more about CCO partnerships.

Recently several former CCO staff and students have launched a project to respond to the crisis in higher education. They are seeking to start a new college here in Pittsburgh. It will be called the Saxifrage School.

A short animated video captures their dream.

The Saxifrage Idea from Saxifrage School on Vimeo.

The founders of the school (Tim Cook and Andrew Heffner) led a seminar at Jubilee this year. The room was full of students and professionals committed to higher education. I think this points to the desire to hear new ideas about how to transform higher education.

As the above poster notes, I (Francois) will get the chance to speak at one of their events next month. My topic will be the difficulty of change as it relates to health as flourishing.