Monday, September 24, 2007

Feels like life's on hold going the speed of light

When you live in a house and decide to get all the floors refinished, life sort of goes on hold. What do I mean? Well, between 4-9 tonight we can't use our bathroom upstairs (I actually drove to the office!). Next week, when our kitchen and front hall are done, we'll have long periods of time when we can't access our whole house! Not only that, but everything in those rooms is removed. So, we've been sleeping at our friends' house and will continue to do so until we can walk on our floors for good.

Now, the speed of light part? Well, our schedules haven't thinned out just because we can't really live in our house; they have actually gotten a little fuller. The drywall has to be complete before the floors are coated so the dust doesn't ruin the finish. That means we've been drywalling and spackling nights and days for over a week. Thanks to those who have lent a hand. Francois is trying to write papers and read books in the meantime for class, and Joy is continuing to tackle a hefty load at the office. The next four weekends include a trip to NC for a missions conference at a supporting church, a McGlauflin (joy's mom's side) family reunion, a conference, a wedding that 'Cois is in, and a Rippey Street Christian Community retreat!

Jackie-dog is also taking the brunt of it. She is seriously disturbed with the disarray and noise of the house (altho' the floor guys love her and throw the ball for her on their smoke breaks). She must weigh an extra 5 pounds with all the sawdust and plaster dust that is in her coat!

Now, on to a more positive note. We love our nieces and nephews. Here they are. Ian and Lydia at the bus stop for the first day of school. Ian is in 2nd grade, and Lydia in kindergarten. They belong to Karl and Bea ('cois' sister). They live 1/2 block away - so close we can see their front door from our back door!Here is Deborah. Look at that smile! She is Jon (joy's brother) and Lydia's second. What a ham.
This is Rachel. She is the oldest and a very good older sister to Deborah and...
Titus McGlauflin Barron. He's just so cute! Can you stand it?? The Barrons live in Alabama and we'll see them at the reunion next week. What a treat.
Well, this has turned out to be a bit more of a personal update. Hope you enjoyed it.

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