Thursday, September 19, 2013

Traveling Family

We are back in Pittsburgh after many miles of travel this summer. And, we are excited to fill you in on all the great stories we have of the good work of which we are so privileged to be a part.

The summer started as Joy and two other XD staff led an overnight retreat for 20 CCO staff who were finishing their 1st year in ministry. They created some exercises to help the staff put some words to the successes and challenges they experienced during the year on campus as well as to articulate some goals as they look ahead to next school year. Here are two goals captured on the post-its around the room.

goal 1goal 2

The participants describe one take-away from the retreat as: "There is nothing back on the boat".  Just as Peter stepped out onto the water to walk towards Jesus, we also have the promise that Jesus is there to sustain us as we step out in faith. This kind of bold faith is evident in our campus staff. They are constantly challenged to be grounded in their relationship with Jesus as they serve their campuses. There is a beautiful dynamic at work as our staff submit their lives to be transformed by Christ's love that their ministries exude that love more vividly.

There is more to come! Stay tuned for more stories. Thanks for your love and prayers.

Francois and Joy

p.s. Lots of folks ask how Annelise does on our trips. She is a natural-born traveler. She has her 2 year old moments which are to be expected, but she also carries on conversations with anyone and everyone. Her favorite memories are the merry-go-rounds and swimming in the pool. She discovered her love for olives on this trip! Funny kid.

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