Thursday, September 27, 2012

Behind the scenes...

Hi friends!

Whatever illusions I had that after the orientation season life would slow down have quickly been revealed as just that! After four orientation events in August, we quickly launched into fall programming. We are now halfway through the 14 events planned between the beginning of September and the end of October. This is very exciting and the folks that make up the CCO Experiential Design (XD) resource team have been criss-crossing the region, facilitating student retreats and outings. 

While the work happening with college students is the reason we get up in the morning—and is often the subject of our updates and blog posts—none of it would be possible without the quiet, behind-the-scenes work that goes on in the CCO office. A couple weeks ago, Josh Hayes, one the XD resource staff, facilitated our 40 CCO office staff in a day-long retreat. It was inspiring to be in a room with the folks who every day quietly do the work necessary to support our ministry on campus.(here's a picture of that group doing a video spot forPittsburgh Day of Giving.)

In our own department, Joy occupies that kind of position. She has been working tirelessly during this season, pouring over budget spreadsheets to close out the fiscal year in a way that facilitates the work of our accountants. While our staff people are out with students every weekend, Joy is the one who keeps all the budgets, reimbursements, and invoices straight. She manages risk management plans and equipment rentals and purchases, all the while trying to build systems and processes that assure our continued operation and growth! To accomplish this, Joy works closely with Jamie, the XD administrator, serving as a coach to help Jamie grow into the potential of all the gifts God has given her to serve Him and the CCO. 

This is a work of service that is often overlooked, and yet little ministry would happen on campus or in the woods without it. Joy often longs to be on the front lines, leading trips and developing student leaders. But she knows that she brings a depth of experience and a mindset that is essential to making the work of our campus and resource staff possible. More importantly, she models a heart of service and patience that has made her valued across the CCO.

God could transform college students to transform the world without the CCO, but the CCO and the ministry of Experiential Designs could not happen without all the service and work that goes on behind the scenes. Thank you for your prayers and financial contributions that make our work with the CCO possible.

Francois, Joy and Annelise

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