Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The class of 2014 is coming

'Tis that time again when first year students arrive on campus and CCO staff prepare for orientation time. Yesterday the Outdoor Leadership Team sent its instructors to facilitate Fresh X, Ohio Wesleyan University's orientation. For three days, the students will hike, rock climb and canoe while getting to know the folks they will spend the next four year living and studying with. Saturday will be Waynesburg University's turn and then Westminter College follows next week.

Here is an interesting article about the benefits of outdoor orientations for students who participate. (Did you know all 8 Ivy league schools have outdoor orientations for their students?) Check it out here.

This time of year is also the unveiling of the Benoit College Mindset list, a list of cultural references about the incoming freshmen class. Check it out here. Be prepared. It can make you feel old to read it!

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