Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ministry is on the Rocks, literally!

As first year students move into college life for the first time, our staff take them out on various experiences to get oriented to a new way of life and meet the people with whom they are starting that journey.
Francois and I had the chance to join them for a day at Seneca Rocks, WV where we led 9 first year students in rock climbing and rappelling. The theme question for the day was, "Why am I here?" Many students expressed excitement to meet new friends and start taking classes that really interested them. We were glad to be a part of setting the stage through rock climbing to enter college with similar gusto. Some needed to face fears, others to explore their options, and we encouraged all to ask for help and support from those around them.
Check out Francois in action:


Elizabethd said...

That's a time when support must be really appreciated, facing fears isnt easy.

rc said...

Yeah Fresh X...thanks for continuing your investment, I wish i could have been there!