Tuesday, June 02, 2009


This comes to us from Good News Messaging
Hat tip to our friend Chris Cooke for his great argument for CCO's raison d'etre.

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That party last night was awfully crazy (i wish we taped it)
I danced my (face) off and had this one girl completely naked
Drink my beer and smoke my (stuff) but my good friends is all I need
Pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat then do it again
Man, I love college, ay!
I love drinking, ay!
I love women, ay!
I love college, ay!

Asher Roth is a 23 year-old "rapper" from Morrisville, PA. His single, "I Love College" hit the charts a couple months ago (currently at #15 on the Billboards) and has been downloaded (purchased) over ONE MILLION times. The music video is set at a fraternity house party and features numerous college students binge drinking, playing strip poker and beer pong and hooking up. Drinking, Women, Staying up Late and Partying...is that really all there is to life? Unfortunately, for many students the answer is yes.

The reality is that there are thousands of "Ashers" on college campuses across the country. Quite a few of them are even student athletes at Pitt. Our work with the CCO is to share an alternative vision of college, and of life, to students during their four years in college. This vision is rooted in the person of Jesus Christ. It is exciting and challenging work, but students are "getting it", coming to faith and growing in their relationship with Jesus.

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